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Why I’m Passionate about the Israeli Start up Scene

One thing i’ve learned is that Israel is full of amazing talent and innovative startups. There’s a culture right now, where everyone here wants to be an entrepreneur and everyone can. There are enough resources here in the ‘Startup Nation’ and together with the drive, anything is possible.

Here, the country is so small that everyone is helping one and other. There’s a sense of pride that if one of us succeeds then we all share in that because it helps our country. In Israel, the people are different. We have this attitude which we have a word for — ‘Chutzpah’. ‘Chutzpah’ is being rude in a good way. Giving constructive feedback. Chutzpah means to hustle.

Some People see a big company and consider them unreachable. Israeli people in the tech scene go straight to the companies CEO and tell him what they think.

In Israel, one thing that drives people to be bigger is the mandatory 3 years in the Army. Some people come out of their units as superstars and want to continue this. There’s a famous unit, called 8200 which produce many well-known startups. They know how to work with you, you know how to work with them, and so you go and open your own startup.

The great thing about the scene is here is that its just getting started. We excel at R&D and many companies come here to open R&D centers, but we lack in the design and marketing front. of course you have a few superstars in that arena, but it hasn’t grown yet. It will happen, especially when more global companies come here and bring their methods. There are also many expats who live here who bring that aspect into the startup scene.

So in conclusion, why am I passionate about the Israeli startup scene? Because anything is possible. The people make it possible and People’s dreams DO become reality.