Surfing and use of this site, including the various services which are provided and/or will be provided from time to time in or through this site (hereinafter “the Site”), are subject to the terms and conditions detailed below. Surfing on the Site constitutes an agreement on your part to accept these terms and conditions and a commitment to act in accordance with them. Please note that the Site does not purport to reflect the full range of services and/or products offered by Bank Leumi le Israel B.M. (“Leumi”) and/or by the subsidiaries of Leumi as defined in the Securities Law-1968 (together and individually “Leumi Group”).

1. The data and/or information (hereinafter “the Information”) were received in part from third parties, including from other sites (hereinafter the “Information Providers”), are subject to change from time to time and are provided “as is”, for your convenience and your personal use. Among other things, you are advised to take into account that changes may occur in the Information after its publication, which may not appear on the Site.

2. Use of the Internet for banking transactions exposes the user to the risks inherent to the structure of the Internet, and to use of a personal computer and/or of any other end device which facilitates connection to the network (hereinafter, jointly and severally – “Personal Computer”). It is your duty to safeguard with complete secrecy the passwords as well as all other information security measures and to prohibit any unauthorized use of these and/or of your Personal Computer.

3. Use of the Internet, especially for banking transactions, creates an exposure to the risks inherent to the Internet network and to systems which are based on software, hardware and networks, including risks inherent to damage-causing software (viruses, Trojan horses etc’), eavesdropping on the communication lines, infiltration by hostile parties, sites holding themselves out to be Leumi’s site or any of the systems, and other online types of fraud. Leumi is investing considerable effort in providing protection against these risks, but nonetheless, hermetic sealing is not possible, and damage and/or loss may result from the realization of any such risk, including the disclosure and/or disruption of the information transmitted and/or presented in the systems, disruption of instructions/requests, unauthorized operations, including in bank accounts, disruptions of the Site and systems’ operation and/or in the reaction time thereof, including the failure to implement, erroneous implementation and/or late implementation of an instruction/request, lack of availability of any of the systems and/or of one of the site services etc’.

The presentation of the risks is not such as to derogate from the liability of any of the parties

4. Information appearing on the Site should not be relied upon in an exclusive manner. Without derogating from the aforesaid, in any event of a contradiction or discrepancy between the Information appearing on the Site and the Information recorded in Leumi Group’s books and/or appearing in official publications, the Information recorded in Leumi Group’s books and/or in the official publications, as the case may be, shall prevail.

5. The material published on this Site does not in any way represent constitute a general offer and/or investment general advice, nor an offer and/or advice taking in account your special data and requirements, for the purchase and/or execution of any investments, operations and/or transactions, and nothing herein constitutes a recommendation, opinion and/or or a substitute for your personal judgment.

6. The material published on this Site does not in any way constitute financial advisory for pension or retirement plans that is suited to your personal needs and preferences and nothing herein constitutes a recommendation to purchase and/or execute any transaction regarding pension products.

7. This Site may include notices regarding structured deposits. The Leumi Group engages in investments, is involved in structured deposits has a linkage to them and an economic interest in the marketing of them. As of such these products may be given an advantage over other similar products who also meet the customer’s needs. It is further clarified that structured deposits involve a distinctive risk.

8. The Site may contain subjective material that includes criticisms of various persons and/or products and/or services and/or events, that does not necessarily reflect Leumi Group’s opinions, but rather the personal opinions of the author.

9. The site may introduce different calculators from time to time. Such calculators are intended as aids for purposes of assistance and evaluation only and do not necessarily include all of the relevant data for calculation. Use of the calculators does not constitute a substitute for professional advice which takes into consideration the personal criteria of the user, is not a recommendation to carry out any transaction or activity whatsoever and no business decisions should be made based on the data received there from.

10. The Site may allow the downloading of software. Leumi Group and/or the manufacturer of such software, shall not be responsible for any damages whatsoever, that may be caused as a result of downloading such software and/or use of any software downloaded from the Site.

11. The Site may enable the transfer and/or publication of messages by those surfing on the Site. Such messages are the exclusive responsibility of those who send them and Leumi Group and/or any third party shall not bear any responsibility on account of said messages. It is forbidden to post and/or send to the Site, or through the Site, any unlawful, immoral, or irrelevant material, idle data (spam and the like), incorrect and/or unreasonable data. Without derogating from the above, Leumi Group shall be authorized, but not obligated, to remove or edit messages according to its exclusive discretion.

12. The Information on the Site may include various campaigns, benefits and discounts (the “Deals”) according to terms set by Leumi Group. Leumi Group is authorized to discontinue and/or change such Deals at any time at its sole discretion.

13. Leumi Group is not responsible for the contents and/or services whatever they may be, which are contained on sites linked to the Site and/or which appear in the advertisements displayed on those sites.

14. Leumi Group is not a party to any transaction that is executed, entirely or partly, via the Site, between the surfers on the Site and any third party, and is not responsible in any way for any matter between the parties related to such transaction, including its authorization, execution, conditions and/or character.

15. I am aware that software may operated on the Site to collect information on my activities on the Site and analyze such information for purposes of providing services better tailored to my needs and I hereby give my consent for this purpose. Without derogating from the aforementioned, I acknowledge that the Site employs various technologies regarding my identification and/or my classification, including but not limited to – saving files containing information with regards to the manner in which I utilize the Internet (Cookies) on my Personal Computer, as well as in connection to using my IP address, and I hereby give my consent to the use of such technologies, as well as of other technologies, as shall be employed from time to time, for similar purposes, in addition to use of the information aggregated through said technologies for indentifying and/or classifying me, on the Site and on other Internet Websites.

16. I am aware that the information provided by me on the Site may be stored in Leumi Group’s data bases and used for purposes of decision-making regarding the provision of services in the future, and I give my consent for this purpose.

17. Leumi Group and/or its controlling shareholders and/or interested parties in any of the aforementioned entities, may from time to time have an interest in the Information displayed on the Site and/or the linked sites, including but not limited to the financial assets displayed thereon.

18. The Site, the Information, software downloaded from it and other material published on the Site may be protected under copyright law in Israel and abroad. Subject to the fair use permitted under those laws, none of the above may be copied, changed, distributed or made commercial use of, without permission of the holder of the protected rights.

19. Use of the Site and everything that stems from such use shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel and the courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over matters arising from the above.

20. The services provided on the Site are not offered whenever such use is not permitted under local law.

21. Leumi Group has the right to alter the Site from time to time, including to add and/or terminate services and/or change the terms and conditions of use on the Site and/or completely or partially terminate activities on the Site, according to its exclusive discretion, and every such change shall be binding on the surfers from the date of publication on the Site or receipt of notice of such by any other means, whichever occurs first.

22. Nothing contained in these provisions shall derogate from the validity of any other agreement between any one in Leumi Group and me.

Please keep abreast of any changes.
For additional information regarding the risks and the measures available for dealing with them, please see the instructions on the data security pages of the relevant services.