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Who We Are
LeumiTech, the banking arm of Leumi Group, specializes in banking for high-tech companies. We provide a comprehensive, personalized, tech-specific banking products and financing services as part of our complete solution for all your financial needs.
With dedicated high-tech teams located in Israel, the US and the UK, and strong relationships with leading funds, investors, tech companies and industry service providers, we provide a financial home for Israeli high-tech.

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products & services
A comprehensive range of stage-specific products and services, tailored to your needs.
  • Seed Teams

    Seed Manager | Michael Weiss |
    076-8686010 |

    Team 857 | Eran Roseman | Relationship Manager |
    076-8686440 |

    Team 861 | Ronen Rayt | Relationship Manager |
    076-8686418 |

  • Growth Teams

    Team 851 | Moran Regev | Relationship Manager | 076-8686470 |

    Team 853 | Eldar Moalem | Relationship Manager | 076-8686480 |

    Team 855 | Moran Aizekovitch | Relationship Manager | 076-8686460 |

    Team 856 | Keren Pais Adler | Relationship Manager | 076-8686430 |

    Team 862 | Orit Uzan Bechor | Relationship Manager | 076-8686020 |

    Team 865 | Galia Golan Zaltzman | Relationship Manager | 076-8686469 |

    Team 866 | Maya Segal | Relationship Manager | 076-8686434 |

  • Corporate Team

    Team 863 | Oz Steinberg | Relationship Manager |
    076-8686030 |

  • Investors & Funds Team

    Team 852 | Maya Sela | Relationship Manager |
    076-8686410 |

  • Investment & Hedging Center

    Ori Wagner | Head of LeumiTech’s Hedging and Investment Center | 076-8686008 |

    Gil Sofer Mizrachi | Investment Advisor |

    Hila Goldshtein | Investment Advisor | 076-8686450 |

    Adi Lahav | Investment Advisor | 076-8686450 |

    Keren Ram | Investment Advisor | 076-8686451 |

    Ran Cohen Zemach | Investment Advisor |

  • Onboarding Team

    Eli Ushpiz | Head of Onboarding Team |  076-8686432 |

    Irena Beltser | Team leader | 076-8686458

    Team Members: Rajuan Yafit |  076-8686460 |

    Orad Zimmer |  076-8686419 |

    Haiky Meringer |  076-8686415 |

    Zeev Tsirolnik | 076-8686417 |

    Riki Carmi | 076-8686436 |

    Oded Amster | 076-8686468 |

    Contact team email |

  • Banking Services

    • Personal relationship management
    • Business checking account
    • Business credit cards
    • Online banking products & services
  • Global Trade Solutions

    • Specialized high-tech international trade unit operating 6 days a week
    • Global trade finance
    • Global payments
    • Foreign currency accounts
    • Documentary collections
    • Import / Export letters of credit
    • Standby letters of credit
  • Treasury Solutions

    • Tech dedicated financial experts
    • Depository and/or cash equivalent vehicles
    • Forex conversion and hedging solutions
    • Capital markets investments
    • Advanced FX trading platform
    • Trading floor
    • In house compliance officer
  • Specialized Lending Offering

    • Venture lending
    • VC lending solutions
    • Growth capital and working capital (accounts receivables, SAAS (MRR based), purchase orders, factoring, bridge for IIA financing and more)
    • Term loans
    • Collateral requirement loan
    • Guarantees
LeumiTech is the financial home of Israeli high-tech in Israel and abroad.

Timor Arbel-Sadras

076-8856297 |

Timor Arbel-Sadras is the CEO of LeumiTech and is responsible for leveraging the Leumi Group's capabilities and offerings to cater to the financing needs of technology companies.
Timor joined LeumiTech after
holding a variety of senior management positions in the high-tech industry, among them Managing Partner at Viola Credit, Viola Group’s credit arm. In her previous position, she served as Chief Operating Officer of EverC, an Israeli fintech startup that is involved in risk management.
Timor brought with her extensive hi-tech and business experience. Over the years, she rose to serve as a General Partner, overseeing the day-to-day management, leading investments, and shaping the Fund’s strategic direction as it evolved from a primarily venture lending fund to a multi-strategy global private credit fund.
Timor holds a BSc (Cum Laude) in Industrial Engineering from the Technion, Israel and an MBA from ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.
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Nurit Pirani

Head of Leumitech Business Center
076-8686400 |

Nurit Pirani manages LeumiTech's Business Center, senior manager in Bank Leumi. Nurit specializes in accompanying high-tech companies with their financial and banking needs. Nurit was part of the founder team of LeumiTech
and is in charge of the high tech credit. Nurit has managed several business branches at Bank Leumi and brings over two decades of experience in complex financing, mergers and acquisitions and renewable energy. Read More

Delia Pekelman

Deputy Head of Leumitech Business Center
076-8686402 |

Delia is the deputy head of the LeumiTech Business Center and directly manages the teams that service the whole high-tech life cycle from early-stage startups, through growth and corporate customers. Delia focuses on delivering
financial services products and solutions to multiple sectors of the Israeli high-tech industry utilizing her extensive experience in banking and as a CFO of multiple tech startups. Delia is a Certified Accountant and holds an MBA from the Tel-Aviv university.Read More

Nir Inbar

Group Head, LeumiTech Business Center
076-8686405 |

Nir Inbar is a branch manager at LeumiTech Business Center, Nir brings with him more than 20 years of global banking experience after serving as a credit officer and a manager at LeumiTech NY and Silicon Valley branches. /> His group focuses on venture and commercial debt financing for fast growing tech companies. Nir is constantly engaging in business development initiatives to connect industry leaders with other industry members for creating added value for our clients.
With a team of professionals, tech analysts, lenders and investment advisors we proudly serve our fast growing portfolio.
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Global Presence
LeumiTech has offices in key tech hubs around the world, supporting your operations at home and abroad.
34 Yehuda Halevi St. |
Tel Aviv
Leumi USA, 579 Fifth Avenue | New York, NY 10017

Gal Defes | Head of Technology Banking – East Coast

Leumi USA, 2000 University Avenue | Palo Alto, CA 94303

Adrian Dorfman | Head of Technology Banking – West Coast

Leumi UK, 20 Stratford Place | London | W1C 1BG
+44 (0)20 3772 1790

Ron Dvir | Relationship Manager –
High Tech


We work with the best players in the industry, providing you with the strongest network to up your game.

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