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Relocation package

Considering starting your activity in the US?

Start Up with Leumitech Relocation package!


Now that it’s time to establish your company’s global presence there are many considerations you need to look into.

In order to ease your path, Leumitech is providing you a relocation package including financial services, legal services and relocation services all in one place!

 Which services?

Relocation Services:

Consultation regarding the terms and benefits for the employer and employees, salary and pension issues, finding a location, connecting to services providers at destination

Legal Advice:

General legal consultation for Israeli start-ups that intend to start operations in the United States. including: US incorporation principles, agreements between parent and daughter companies, setting up distribution channels, options for employees, aspects of labor laws etc.

Financial services:

Opening commercial bank account with LeumiTech USA at Silicon Valley/ New York, with full banking services, Finance advisory, Salary payments, investments ,trade products, etc.

Eco- System:

Introduction to local community, meeting room for first days abroad, general tips.

Am I eligible?


The service is provided to:

  1. Company account with Leumi
  2. Over 500,000$ raised

How do I start?

Just contact your relationship manager at Leumitech Business Center or email: