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Adrian Dorfman

Adrian began his Leumi career in 2008 and is currently a high-tech relationship manager in the Herzliya business branch.  Adrian is both in charge of the regular high-tech team and oversees the Seed clients team.  He was a financial advisor in his previous role and provides his clients with services ranging from investment advice to business transaction support.  A consummate professional with unending energy, Adrian is known for and proud of consistently going the extra mile for his clients.

Adrian, alongside his wife, is a proud father of three – a daughter and two twin boys, which incidently coincides with his belief that one should be efficient in everything one does. His hobbies outside of work and family include walking or, more precisely, being led by his dog, a pure-breed Boxer, and beating his friends in PES.

A passionate technologist, Adrian is enthusiastic about innovation and thrilled every time that a client invites him to be a part of their beta.