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The Role Your Second Screen Plays

The future is most likely to experience pretty hot multi-screen trends and knowing what is most likely to happen can assist marketers change the most appropriate mobile marketing channels with confidence. Wearable technology is also in the mix and could determine how customers interact with the brands of their choice.

The manner in which consumers watch videos and the kind of mindset the marketers must adopt when putting in place their video campaigns is something that needs to be taken into account. Marketers will perhaps go beyond classifying various screen sizes and finding out how appropriate each of the content is.

Targeted consumers will consume content that reaches them via channels that are most appropriate to them as at a particular moment. This is why mobile is becoming the now of the future channel. Content is king and mobile screen is undeniably a convenient window with which customers can view the content that is of interest to them.

For marketing professionals, this will certainly have some very clear implications. The magnitude of video content which will be consumed in 2015 and beyond will be huge and could tilt the balance in favor of both marketers, brand owners and the targeted customers. More than it is now, this will necessitate more research in order to comprehend content exposure across various devices therefore providing for a way of planning for the optimal use of media in a manner that delivers a strong and creative result to a wide range of video audiences. Brand owners should therefore use any available predictions regarding how their targeted customers will be consuming videos across various sizes of screens and planning against that.

However, many other websites have joined the fray. As 2014 came to an end, there was no denying that this trend will continue and will more likely be mobile focused. But in the short term, micro-videos for mobile will continue being dominant and will be served through various channels and will provide more promise of improved engagement than the traditional video brands that are targeted on mobile. There are services and tools that enable brands, agencies and mobile advertisers to incorporate rich media into their ads and to enable the second screen to be a viable place to advertiser and monetize their brand. justAd, the rich media mobile ad studio is a self service platform that help bring second screen interactions to users. Those that use rich media can have better results from their ads.

Understanding the future of now and the role which your second screen plays will assist marketers come up with engaging content that can add value to their customers. Some things such as rich media, the availability of micro video ads and the experience of multi-screen trends will most likely make it a great experience not only for targeted customers, but also for mobile marketers. Also, there are many platforms and it’s of essence for marketers to choose where they want to be active. They need to choose a platform which can enable them implement their strategy in the right manner.