Miri Shapira

Miri has been a high-tech customer relationship manager in Leumi’s HaBursa business branch since 2008. Her team provides services for clients at all lifecycle stages. Miri’s professional beliefs are to be creative and innovative, always provide outstanding service, and to demonstrate availability, responsiveness and professionalism to each client as if he’s your only one. She … Continued

Yoni Ben Lulu

Yoni is a Relationhip Manager for technology companies in Leumi’s Principal Tel Aviv branch, located in the heart of the Tel Aviv’s tech cluster.  His responsibilities include customer business development, financial anaylsis, and credit deal structuring, as well as ongoing relationship management.   He is proud to be part of the team that works with and … Continued

Bella Shabo

Bella joined Leumi in 2006 and has spent the past several years leading the high-tech team in the Ramat Hachayal business branch. As the Ramat Hahayal region is a high-tech hotspot, her team quickly became experienced and geared towards the industry – the high quality service that technology clients expect and the ability to understand, … Continued

Keren Adler

Keren has been a Relationship Manager focused on the high-tech sector since 2007. She is currently the Relationship Manager for high-tech companies in the Ra’anana business branch. She previously led a team in the Haifa business branch that was mixed with both high-tech and general commercial companies. Her clients today include a wide variety of … Continued

Yael Avnon

Yael joined Leumi in 2009 through the Bank’s Talpiot training program. She currently serves as a Relationship Manager and leads a team that is focused on high-tech and commercial banking companies. Prior to joining Leumi, Yael was a project manager at Motorola Mobility (formerly Motorola Mobile Devices) and was responsible for ongoing client relationship management … Continued

Adrian Dorfman

Adrian began his Leumi career in 2008 and is currently a high-tech relationship manager in the Herzliya business branch.  Adrian is both in charge of the regular high-tech team and oversees the Seed clients team.  He was a financial advisor in his previous role and provides his clients with services ranging from investment advice to business transaction support.  A … Continued

Sharon Ajmechet

Sharon is the customer relationship manager for high-tech companies in the Haifa business branch and both leads a Growth clients banking team and oversees a high-tech team dedicated to Seed companies.  Her teams are responsible for Leumi’s presence is the technology centers throught the Northern part of the country and specialize in providing services for incubators, high-tech companies across the life-cycle … Continued

Nir Inbar

Nir is the regional manager,of LeumiTech at the east coast. Nir leads LeumiTech’s business development in the west coast. Nir possesses over fifteen years of banking experience, both in Israel and the US.  His tenure as a high-tech banker includes being in charge of high-tech business development in Leumi’s Commercial Division and five years as … Continued

Yaron Ben Horin

Yaron is Leumi USA’s Representative in Israel. In this role, Yaron is constantly working on attaining new Israeli based clients for Leumi USA and to strengthening the relationships with existing clients, as well as enhancing the relationship between Bank Leumi Israel and Bank Leumi USA. Yaron began his career with Leumi USA in 2004, having previously worked as a Private … Continued