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Eitan Sapir

Eitan Sapir heads Leumi USA’s Internation and Technology Banking group.  With two decades of experience that focus on banking, technology and financial management, Eitan is able to effectively connect to, forge relationships with and help our customers.

Eitan has a distinguished track record in bridging the gap between American and Israeli business cultures. At Leumi USA, he has successfully built and grew a high-performance, Israeli/American team that understands the values and business customs of Israeli companies and, as a result, is able to effectively build relationships and increase Leumi’s position with the Israeli business communities throughout the USA.  Eitan’s high-tech teams, which are based in Silicon Valley and the rapidly growing New York high-tech hub, enable him to continually be at the forefront of the technology industry.

Eitan holds a BA in Economics and Philosophy from the Hebrew University at Jerusalem, an MBA from Tel Aviv University and an MA in Law from Bar Ilan Universitry.