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Avishay Margi

Avishay is the Relationship Manager responsible for Pre-seed/Seed companies in Leumi’s HaBursa business branch.   In his current position, he is in charge of providing banking services and financial solutions that are designed to meet the special needs of high-tech and bio-tech firms. Avishay provides his clients with creative solutions for all of their business needs such as deposit products, advisement, lines of credit, bridge loans, factoring, finance of working capital and hedging of currency exposure.

Avishay believes that to support startups you need to understand startups, and is available to provide clients service by the channel of their choice, usually e-mail, alongside the most approriate products, such as a burn-rate deposit for an early series financial transaction.

He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration, with a major in Marketing, from Netanya Academic College.