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iOT 2014 review

The Internet of Things or the internet of everything revolution has reached Israel – Its official.

After a long period of time and forecasts,
we are starting to see new companies and products. Researchers are forecasting that there will be more than 50 billion Internet products available by 2025 and that every single aspect of our lives will be affected by Internet usage. Just as smart navigation systems have become an integral part of our lives today, in the future there will also be smart cities, and the collection and management of information will rely completely on cloud computing.
An ecosystem is being built in Israel by developers, small initiatives, startups together with the local offices of the international tech heavyweights like Intel, Oracle, Cicso, Microsoft, IBM and many others.

Security is a major issue with the Internet of Thing. According to McAfee, attacks on the Internet of Things devices will increase due to the growth in the number of connected objects and the high value of data on those devices. This represents a major new opportunity for Israeli startups.

5 IOT startups with unique products

Zikit is a mobile app that helps retailers bring more customers to their store, while revolutionizing their customer’s shopping experience.Zikit reward the users just for walking into listed stores and also provide them special coupons and personalized offers. The retailer interface provides an online tool which enables to learn and interact with the customer in store.

BitBite is a revolutionary wearable device meant to track, analyze and change the way you eat. When you slow down, chew more and eat at regular intervals you’ll be improving your nutrition, feel better and shed those extra pounds.

IQP An Israeli Company called recently launched an innovative system that enables the quick, easy creation of Web apps. Customers can save R&D costs and time developing cross-platform apps in the field of IOT. IQP is three years old and has its headquarters in Tokyo and R&D center in Israel.

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub uses the most advanced internet, cloud and mobile technologies to intelligently manage your garden’s irrigation and lighting scheduling

EGM Blue provides accurate, high-resolution full electric grid visualization, including predictive fault alert. The system’s benefits include, but are not limited to: management of grid operation, energy flow and balancing, maintenance, energy saving and enable smooth incorporation of renewable energy sources into the grid. EGM is already deployed in Israel, and Chinese grids. EGM saves money and energy during normal operations while providing instant fault recovery during man-made interruptions and natural disasters.